One Perfect Drive

I just sold my old, unreliable car. I am elated and bereft. People who have bought old cars and then witnessed their slow decline may recognise this mixture of feelings. You may also recognise this: the perfect last drive. My vehicle – Dexter, because old cars have human names – … Continue reading

Nostalgia never gets old

It’s April Fool’s day and the beleaguered people who still read newspapers have endured a seasonal round of traditional pranks from the inky media. The Guardian has a round-up online already. But this post isn’t about those. It’s about two jokes that oddly misjudged the zeitgeist and our continuing affection for old technology. Even … Continue reading

August Never Ends

August Never Ends ohdeargodbees: It’s a head splitting cognitive dissonance to be fielding requests for help from friends who have just gotten swatted at the same time as giving someone else numbers on the harassment and abuse perpetrated by GamerGate because someone he’s talking to thinks it’s over and never … Continue reading