Banned Phrases of 2007

The following phrases and/or syntactical constructions are now officially old. Please stop using them immediately:

“Wow. Just wow”.

The word “really” used on its own for sardonic emphasis. (eg: “I think I’m going to lose my shit. Really.”)

“Bored now”.

Making adjectives into nouns. (eg: “He’s got the funny.”)

“Hello?” (When it means “What?”)

Criticism formed as a question. (eg: “Uptight much?”)

Any Buffyism, basically.

Any Chandlerism too.

Anything on drugs. (eg: “Have you heard Sergeant Pepper? It’s like The Beatles on acid!”).

Anything-apolooza. (eg: “The comments section of YouTube is out of control. It’s trollapolooza!”)

Anything-gate applied to any scandal with a whiff of conspiracy (Saddam-gate, Diana-gate etc)

“Get a refreshing beverage of your choice” (When found halfway through a technical walkthrough, eg: a guide to configuring wireless networking on Linux).

Please, feel free to add to this list. My curmudgeonliness has run out for one day.

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