No Future

The problem with using the statistical present as proof of how the future will develop is that there is no control. There is no future to refer to. People prefer print. Now. People prefer money. Now. People understand linear narratives better. Now. We don’t know what they’ll prefer tomorrow.

Goliath vs Goliath.

One of those periodic David vs Goliath Internet arguments has gone viral. You know the type. An “ordinary” person is targeted by a “powerful” person, company or enterprise. They are bullied, ripped off or treated badly. The “ordinary” person writes about their side of the story on a blog. It … Continue reading

Superb Sci Fi Idea

Superb idea – Singularity&Co is an eBook start-up that aims to track down classic SciFi titles, clears the rights and aims to republish one new (old) book every month. Subscribers get them all from $29.99 a year. Bargain. Science Fiction, at its best, is the literature of ideas. I spent much … Continue reading

Fake Tech Support

Just got one of those fake tech support calls. My partner, Ruth picked up the phone and her approach was quite different to my usual take-no-prisoners tirade of rage: Fake TS Guy: Hello, this the Technology Department of Microsoft Windows. We are calling about a problem with your computer. Ruth: … Continue reading