Fake Tech Support

Just got one of those fake tech support calls. My partner, Ruth picked up the phone and her approach was quite different to my usual take-no-prisoners tirade of rage: Fake TS Guy: Hello, this the Technology Department of Microsoft Windows. We are calling about a problem with your computer. Ruth: … Continue reading

Table for One

Table for One Britizens (which is my new portmanteau for British citizens) will know all about Today – the quite frankly rather good radio news programme that airs every weekday morning on BBC Radio 4. It’s a perfect mix of John Humphreys shouting at politicians, John Humphreys shouting at foreigners … Continue reading

3. Profit.

Made-up statistics suggest that 43% of all Internet communication is the simple recitation and repetition of catchphrases, script snippets and sketches from popular TV programmes.  I’m not taking about random usage either – there are specific scenes, phrases, words and even syntactical structures that attain totemic significance.  See my previous … Continue reading