3. Profit.

Made-up statistics suggest that 43% of all Internet communication is the simple recitation and repetition of catchphrases, script snippets and sketches from popular TV programmes.  I’m not taking about random usage either – there are specific scenes, phrases, words and even syntactical structures that attain totemic significance.  See my previous … Continue reading

Whore, whore, whore.

Poor Santa Claus. Still reeling from the ignominy of having Christmas lights renamed “Winter decorations” in some UK towns last year, the gravitationally challenged present deliverer has been instructed to ditch his trademark laugh. Santas in Sydney, Australia now have to say “ha, ha, ha” instead of “ho, ho, ho”… … Continue reading

What’s in a Word?

2,091 web users, polled by British research body YouGov, were asked to cite the Internet generated words and phrases that bug them… 1. Folksonomy2. Blogosphere3. Blog4. Netiquette5. Blook (a book based on a blog)6. Webinar (a web based seminar)7. Vlog8. Social networking9. CookieJoint 10. Wiki, Podcast, Avatar, User-generated content While there … Continue reading

Brains Needed

I’m trying to work out the etymology of two phrases that seem to have become common in the blogosphere.  If anyone knows where they might come from (TV show? Specific web site? ), then I’d be grateful.  They are: * Wow… Just, wow. * Just saying. And, yes, I’m completely serious…

Karma’s Gonna Get Ya

Following my tetchy anti-Buffyism rant earlier this week, I settled down with an as yet unopened season 4 BtVS boxset, only to discover that disc four is missing. It must have disappeared into a hell dimension… I’m pretty sure I’m being punished for my heresy. Really. Ironic much?