Banned Phrases of 2007

The following phrases and/or syntactical constructions are now officially old. Please stop using them immediately: “Wow. Just wow”. The word “really” used on its own for sardonic emphasis. (eg: “I think I’m going to lose my shit. Really.”) “Bored now”. Making adjectives into nouns. (eg: “He’s got the funny.”) “Hello?” … Continue reading

Forbidden Words and Phrases of the 21st Century

Hot-desking For Mature AudiencesVirtual CommunityPhenylalynine Tele-presenceWebTV The Force Day of Judgement Sega Communitarian Armageddon 2001 Jehovahs Witness Facilitating Internet 2 Mental Health Day Set-top Box DVD E-mates Reincarnation Millennium Bug Multi-skilling Nintendo Cold War 2 Bill Gates World War 3 Gigaherz DocusoapBoxercise DreamcastColonic Irrigation Would you like to go large?Gary … Continue reading