Being Quiet

I recently had the kind of personal epiphany you’re supposed to stop having after you’re in your teens and twenties. I realised that I’m an introvert. Then I freaked out about it. Then I realised that it’s OK. It’s all because if this book: Quiet – The Power of Introverts … Continue reading

On Trains

The train doors open and like the shuffling automata in ‘Metropolis’ we trudge towards them. People get primal when they’re using public transport. Those in pairs and groups use unspoken alliances to gang up on the rest, making blocking manoeuvres to secure maximum space. Those alone (i.e. me) have to … Continue reading


Last Wednesday I drove my car into a wall at 40 miles an hour and walked away from the twisted wreckage, lucky to be alive. My chest is black and blue, I can’t move my head too well, there’s a graze under my eye that I think might have been … Continue reading