A sequel too far

You must have noticed the trend for belated sequels that’s ripping through Hollywood. Toy Story 3, 11 years after Toy Story 2. American Reunion, 8 years after American Wedding (also known as American Pie 3 – lord knows we needed another one of those). Then there was Tron Legacy – … Continue reading

Blu-Ray Adopter

I finally bought a Blu-Ray player.  I say “finally” as I’ve spent several months trying not to buy one… As an inveterate early adopter and fully diagnosed, unmedicated geek, I tried to build one.  Problem is, I’m the wrong kind of geek.  To clarify – there are technical geeks and … Continue reading


Buffy fans of the world, prick up your ears!  Joss Whedon announced at his Saturday Comic-Con 07 panel that he is “this close” to signing a deal with the BBC to create a 90 minute movie starring Anthony Head as Rupert Giles. “Ripper” has been one of those mythic could-have-been … Continue reading