Create Your Own Positive Reality

Coke have redesigned their cans for the Japanese market.

Coke Cans

If anything, it’s a simple reduction of a slick and overstated 80s style;  a more classic approach.  Not according to Coke’s marketing trolls though…

“We live in a world where we make choices every day and ‘The Coke Side of Life’ encourages people to make those choices positive ones,” said Marc Mathieu, senior vice president for carbonated soft drink core brands, marketing, strategy and innovation. “This new campaign invites people to create their own positive reality, to be spontaneous, listen to their hearts and live in full color.”Interesting.  I think he may be onto something there.  You see, the new design, coupled with those inspiring words, makes me want to create a positive reality where Coke marketing executives are chained inside a vat filled with Coke, their heads barely bobbing above the syrupy depths as they gasp for breath.  In this reality, we leave them there until the acid first puckers their flesh, then flays their skin and finally, cooks them.

That’s what happens when I listen to my heart.

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