Design Job at Huff Post.

Design Job at Huff Post. Fee: $0

The AOL owned Huffington Post is at it again. It’s not enough that it pays bloggers nothing – while raking in crazy ad revenue. All writers get is the kudos of working on the web’s cutting edge. Well, 2008’s cutting edge. Now The Huffington Post wants designers to work for free too.

Today it put out a call to Photoshop warriors to rustle up a new icon for Huffington’s politics section. The winner will see their work used on the site, with a lovely credit.

And that’s all.

The terms are even worse than Huff Po’s bloggers get – because at least they have some guarantee of publication. The majority of the poor saps entering this “contest” won’t even get that. Their efforts will simply be discarded, like so much virtual landfill.

I tweeted a link to earlier, a site that campaigns against unpaid work in the creative industries.

One reply suggested that the Huff Po were sorta, kinda on to something. That contests like this are a great way to engage and interact with your audience. Now, I’m all for user generated content and involving readership in a conversation. I really am. But all you need to do is read the comments in the contest announcement to see that this is not the kind of engagement that reaps the right rewards or that builds positive branding.

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