HP TouchPad pricing announcement to come tomorrow…

HP TouchPad pricing announcement to come tomorrow…

It’s possible the UK could be getting cut price TouchPads after all, with news that a customer service announcement is due tomorrow morning.

I’ve been following 16GB TouchPad pricing in the UK since HP announced they were scrapping the tablet. So far, the lowest price is £280.72 delivered from N-Genius, via Amazon. Amazon’s own price is £307.99 (before PP – I use Prime). That’s a drop of £40 from yesterday. I know because I’ve had one sitting in my Amazon basket since Friday…

In the States, it’s gone bat plop mental. $99 at BestBuy, Walmart and other outlets, with most online stores already claiming to have sold out.Staples beats ’em all stupid, with a price of $49 (using a $50 rebate coupon).

When I tweeted about this, I was helpfully spammed a link to www.bundlebox.com – a service that offers none-Americans a US PO Box address. Add two to two – you could use it to order a TouchPad from the Americas, for under seventy quid plus PP.

Me? I’m not too keen on using these PO box services as you’re not covered by UK selling regs when you buy through them – and good luck negotiating US State regulations if your box arrives with a big dent in it – or with a couple of bricks inside.

I expressed this concern over the Twitters too – and was joyously challenged to try ’em out by @BundleBox.#wetakegreatprideincustomerservice they helpfully hash tagged. Er… nope, I replied in tweet form, for the reasons expressed above. I need legally binding guarantees, not fey promises of customer service.

In reply to that, I discovered two things:

1.@bundlebox on Twitter is probably a hive rather than an individual because they didn’t reply in context. Instead they back-pedalled a bit, admitting that:

2. They are struggling to fulfil demand for TouchPads internationally. Most online sites are sold out, and some BundleBox users who bought from Best Buy have had their orders cancelled. Source: http://goo.gl/tCTdv

Harumph. So – even if I did “try ’em out”, chances are, still no cheapo TouchPad.

But, hark, the Twitter vine yields one last juicy grape. Via follower @benhunt22 I’ve discovered that HP in the UK may still have a surprise of the price dropping kind in store. His Tweet claims:

“News is they will let us know by 9 AM to 10 AM tomorrow morning. Source: HP customer services”.

And so, we wait…


Another Twitter user @heathrown(Scott Barkla) had the same message from HP UK customer services over the phone today. He tweeted:

“No UK liquidation deals on the HP Touchpad before tomorrow morning between 9am and 10am. Source HPUK customer service today.”

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