I Want a Kindle Fire

I wanted a Kindle Fire before it was called “the Kindle Fire”.

You don’t need a crystal ball or a degree in tea leaf divination to know that brand + price point x Amazon’s attention to detail (and distribution back end) is pretty much destined to equal TEH SPARKLING SHINY AWESOME.

But I have a crystal ball and I will make the following rash and baseless predictions, based on hunches, intuition and being two cabillion years old in Internet years.

* The Kindle Fire won’t kickstart a secondary tablet market. It will be the secondary tablet market. People who didn’t consider a tablet before will consider one now.

* The Fire will burn some of the iPad’s sales – because the price point and Amazon’s distribution chops will slurp up a lot of impulse purchases:

Tablet devices for kids.
Second tablets.
Student tabs.

The choice in this category before was either “yuck-don’t-want that expensive-thing-I’ve-never-heard-of”… or iPad.

* The Kindle Fire will be the Christmas must-have for adult gifting. Just like the Kindle 3 was last year. Also, “gifting” is my favourite word today. Typing it feels chewy and nice.

And, I know, I know – the Kindle Fire isn’t quite an Android tab, like your proper Android tabs. Like the Xoom or Galaxy or Eee Pad. But you know who doesn’t care about that? Your Mom.

And your Mom shops at Amazon.

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