Looking for awesome Adobe Edge examples!

Looking for awesome Adobe Edge examples!

Are you an Adobe Edge developer, animator or designer – or just doing interesting things with Edge?

No one’s laughing at you now huh? Least of all me. I want you to get in touch with me about an opportunity to get your work seen very widely indeed.

If you’re already using the Adobe Edge preview, you know that it’s stuffed full of all kinds of aceness – and that Flash should be looking worried.

Then, the we-kinda-knew-it-was-coming moment happened yesterday, when Adobe announced their cessation of mobile Flash development. Kaboom. Suddenly Adobe Edge is looking very important. Fortuitous for me, as I’m writing a book about Adobe Edge.

Go me.

But, also, go you! I’m looking for cool, wonderful, cutting edge, boundary stretching, super-duper examples of what people are doing with Adobe Edge. Some of them may be featured in my book.

If you’re one of those guys, get in touch. Go to my profile and send me an email – or link me up in the comments if you’re less shy. If you know one of those guys, send them the link to this post. I want my book to show folks what the next generation of the web could look like.

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