Marxist Joke

A guy walks into a theatrical agent’s office and says “Sir, have I got a really special act for you”

So the agent says “OK, I’ll indulge you, how does it go?”

“Well, my wife, my twelve year old daughter, her four year old brother and I come onto the stage. In a loud clear voice I announce ‘My wife and I are in favour of a feudal system of subsistence in which we own the means of production, paying a downtrodden proletariat labour force minimum wage to work long hours in our factory while we ponce around in the countryside chasing foxes on horseback’. Then we send the kids to boarding school on the proceeds, spending the rest on big dinner parties, antique furniture and fine wines”.

The agent looks at the guy for a minute and says, “That’s quite an act you got there, what do you call it?”

And the guy says “The Aristocrats!”.

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