New news? The jokes on you.

New news? The jokes on you.

It’s often observed that online journalism and social media are quicker than traditional forms. They report first and fastest, with eyewitness accounts tapped out in situ, visual evidence gathered by a million glass eyes.

But what we don’t often take into account is that online journalism is persistent, connective and accumulative. Social media, not so much. It’s there, it’s gone. It was ever the same with trad news. Today’s news was tomorrow’s fish and chip paper, remember? TV had it’s cut off point too.

News. That’s what it’s called. New. Now.

But online news articles? Once there’s a link, there’s a thread to follow. Old news, that oxymoronic and ubiquitous construct, is periodically dredged up, revitalised and reviralised.

So, why am I thinking about this? Today I’ve clicked on several interesting headlines – cruft from the weekend slowly making its way down the front pages of online news sites. And many of them weren’t real. They were from yesterday, April 1st.

In the context of yesterday, I would have suspected their veracity, treated them with suspicion. But now it’s the afternoon of April the 2nd and I should be safe. I should be able to take things at face value.

But I can’t because, online, the links linger.

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