No Future

The problem with using the statistical present as proof of how the future will develop is that there is no control. There is no future to refer to.

People prefer print. Now.

People prefer to deal in money. Now.

People understand linear narratives better. Now.

We don’t know what they’ll prefer tomorrow.

The leading narrative in the industry is one of adaptation – but we don’t even know if the industry’s models are fit for purpose anymore.

One constant of transition is this; when a new thing takes over, the old one ends.

The only certainty we can have in discussions of what the future of journalism will look like – or what the future of anything will look like – is that it will not be what we’re used to.

In the digital future that’s emerging that uncertainty extends even to the institutions we currently expect to provide us with media. They think they’re going to stick around.They think that all they have to do is monetise a new platform.

I’m not so sure.

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