Notes from the Edge

Because I am a big shot writer and that, I carry an old fashioned notebook and pen with me where e’re I roam. This is so that I can jot observations and ideas down the moment they strike me. My memory is selective at best, so it’s an essential for me. I’d never get around to writing anything otherwise. Sometimes though my notes are not clear or detailed enough for me to remember what I was getting at… Here are some of the fragments in my notebook that make little or no sense to me whatsoever:

* Investigate dog psychology.
* Can you smell my bell?
* Woman keeps slippers in the hallway of pub. How does she get to town?
* Potatoes with everything!
* Is that a man or woman’s voice? Must find out.
* Chinese girl stealing idea. (Nothing else).
* It would only take a minute to anaesthetise myself.
* Floating in the yolk, there’s so little left to do.
* Boots, mittens, fucking kittens.
* This blog is analogue.

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