We develop a shorthand bag of semantic tricks over the years, don’t we? The one liners you keep coming back to ‘cos they worked well the first and second time.

I’ve been using one particular line as a description of a potential dystopian future for a donkey’s age… It goes like this; someone with young kids will moan about how cheeky their four year old is getting. And I’ll reply, “Just wait until they’re 16, listening to music made with chainsaws and getting their eyeballs tattooed”. Then we laugh because it’s a bit silly. No one will be listening to Einsturzende Neubaten in 2020 – and eyeball tattoos? THAT’S JUST DAFT.

Then UK tabloid The Sun reports this:

World’s First Eyeball Tattoo

And I weep for the future. Weep blue tears

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