Lean Back (to the 90s…)

Traditional magazine publishing had (and still has) it’s own set of roles. Journalists, subs, editors, layout… A current observation is that those roles are beginning to collapse into each other. But what new roles are there in publishing? What roles should there be? To answer that question we need to … Continue reading

Peter Hook and the Light

“These are the times Hook seems almost happy to be there. The Light pours out of him. The audience go mental. This must be what Joy Division sounds like in Peter Hook’s head.” I review Peter Hook and the Light – on student website The Met Online. http://www.themetonline.co.uk/music/live-review-peter-hook-and-the-light/

The ‘Snow Fall’ effect

The ‘Snow Fall’ effect Following the critically acclaimed NYT piece “Snow Fall”, it looks like longform journalism may finally be catching up with multimedia story telling – 20 years after the birth of multimedia. As a journalist who has been studying interactive multimedia since the 90s, It’s very welcome.