Print is Dead, Long Live Print

I wonder if 2010 will be the year that mainstream marketing starts to understand the reach of online publishing. A recent exchange I had doesn’t bode well for it:

“Hi Kyle,” barked the PR guy on the other end of the line, “[COMPANY NAME] accidentally emailed us your request to try out a [GADGET NAME]”.

“Um, OK,” I said.

“We represent [DIFFERENT COMPANY NAME] and were wondering if you’d like to look at a [ANOTHER GADGET NAME] too”.

“Um, OK,” I said.

“You could probably do a round-up in Spiffy Widgets Magazine,” he said eagerly, completely misunderstanding how technology journalism actually works.

“Well, actually, I just write for the web site,”

“Oh,” he said, a little sadly, “Do you think you can get something into print?”

“Not in Spiffy Widgets Magazine,” I said.

“Do you write for anyone else?” he asked, a little desperately.

“Yes, I do. Web Thing Monthly, Shiny PC, Computer and Video Insides…”

“Yeah, yeah,” he interrupted. Then, sighing, said, “OK, we’ll get a handset out to you by the end of the week. Bye, Kevin”.

“Cool. Do you need my address?”

Click. Brrrrrrrrr.

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