Squee PC!

Dudes, forget the fricking iPhone with it’s 12 zillion dollar price tag you have to pay in cash, updates that turn it into a plastic chunk o’nothing and two year contract that has to be co-signed by your mum. Who needs that crap-on-a-stick when for about £200 ($400) you could have an Eee PC instead?

The Eee PC is an ultra-small laptop – there’s just 7 inches of screen – but it packs in everything you need from a portable computer, including a proper QWERTY keyboard. For your paltry four hundred bucks you get a tiny Linux based notebook that’s pre-loaded with open source software. There’s Firefox for browsing, Open Office for all the boring stuff and Skype for chat. Built in WiFi ensures you can steal bandwidth wherever you roam.

The solid state, built in flash drive is only 4GB (at the moment) and there’s no CD or DVD – but who cares? It’ll network with your main computer if you need to load new software and there are ports to plug-in USB keys.

At just 1.2 lbs it’s small enough to chuck in your backpack – ready to whip out when you want to video conference using the built in web cam, watch movies, update your blog, email work, feed your Fluff Friends in Facebook, call your girlfriend, write some invoices, check your shopping list, write your novel, watch girls soaping themselves up on pornotube…

Did I mention that I really, really want one? I do. 

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