The Three Google Plus Features I Want Today

The Three Google Plus Features I Want Today

I have a confession to make. Even though it’s becoming fashionable not to, I still like G+.

I like the flexible Circles metaphor that enables me to organise content and friends. I love that these can be shared. I really like the posting tools. Simply editing and publishing. A bit of markdown built in. Sweet. I think that as social platform for sharing content, Google Plus is oh-so-nearly there.

But not quite. Not quite.

There are features I want – nay – features I need to complete my G+ experience. I’m sure you have your own wish list (that’s what the comments are for).

If I had my way (do I, powers that be? Does the buzz of my voice count in the swarm) I would be working day and night, living on pizza and Mountain Dew™ to roll out these three:

Easier access to Shared Circles

Shared circles are a feature I coveted and prayed for. Then Google gave them to us – hurrah! But… looking for shared circles is… clunky. You can see posts that publish shared circles in your stream.You can search for posts that mention shared circles. You can add keywords to filter through. Fine. Where’s the extra push?

What’s would be so wrong with a Twitter style “Discover” tab, with circles ordered by category? How about a “Shared Circles” link on each user profile, so you can see what your friends recommend. Don’t thank me Google, you can have that for free.

More Markdown

I love the built in markdown features in Google posts. Want more! Especially, the ability to add hyperlinks within posts. The Facebook style treatment of links as attachments sucks. Yeah. You heard. It sucks.


If there’s one feature I want more than any other, it’s RSS. RSS for circles, RSS for my own stream, RSS for my news feed. Want it. Want it now.

And, yes, I know there are several sites I can use to lash my own feed together. I’ve tried them. I use one. But I use it under protest because Google won’t give me anything better. It could – and frequently does – stop working without notice.

Why Google? Why, why, why? Google owns Feed Burner, FFS. Google Reader is my go to RSS app. Why you not give me RSS in Google Plus?

I have my suspicions (I’m sure you do too) about some executive diktat saying “We gotta keep the content here! We must control it! _We need the future ad revenue!_”. Maybe.

In my case, I funnel my posts from Google Plus to my personal blog. I prefer to blog here than in WordPress. I like the simplicity and the social features. But I also want personalisation. So, I have to hack a workflow together and then fix up the glitches manually at the other end.

This is not good.

I want a simple RSS link I can plug into WordPress (or any other platform. Except Blogger, because, Blogger is rubbish). I want a configuration tool that enables me to define how that feed is formatted too. Please?

So – what features do you really, really want? Tell me.

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