What do you get if cross Lou Reed with Metallica?

What do you get if cross Lou Reed with Metallica?

It’s not a joke, it’s a genuine question. I’m desperate to know. They’ve made an album together, for serious, and it’ll be released on October 31st.

I don’t have much time for Metallica, tbh. When you’ve been weened on Killing Joke and Extreme Noise Terror, they seem a bit tame/lame/all the same.

Still, putting Lou Reed in the same room as these hacks sounds like a kick ass idea. Make them subordinate to his pretension and grunting and craggy gurning. And at least the lyrics will be interesting.

It’s going to be gothic, isn’t it? That’s happens when you cross metal with art-school. cf. Bauhaus, Specimen, Marilyn Manson. I’m not complaining.

Also, the web site looks like fun. It’s just being built and published as they gather content for it. That noise? Funny you should ask. It’s not the crashing, Pro Tools compressed squeal of rhythm guitar. It’s the sound of UX designers, screaming.

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