What’s in a Word?

2,091 web users, polled by British research body YouGov, were asked to cite the Internet generated words and phrases that bug them…

1. Folksonomy
2. Blogosphere
3. Blog
4. Netiquette
5. Blook (a book based on a blog)
6. Webinar (a web based seminar)
7. Vlog
8. Social networking
9. Cookie
Joint 10. Wiki, Podcast, Avatar, User-generated content

While there are a couple of irritating terms in this list, like “blook” and “folksonomy” – I’m having a tough time getting my noggin around some of the other choices.  Blog, cookie and podcast are so deeply embedded in my everyday language that I have zero emotional response to them.  They’re just words.  Especially “cookie”.  That’s been around since… forever.

Then there are the phrases “social networking” and “user generated content”.  I mean, don’t they just say what they mean?  It’s not like they’ve been arbitrarily contracted to “snetworking” or “ugen content” – like the admittedly irksome entries “vlog” and “webinar”.

It’s the exclusions from the list that really surprise me though.  Where is “pwnd”?  What about the ironic use of “teh”?

What would you put in your list?

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